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Subah -E- Banaras - Pure Hand Loom Silk Creations

The beautiful and intricate Banarsi Handloom weaving has special characteristics that are inspired by Mughal designs.
Intertwining floral and foliage motifs, kalga and bel, a string of upright leaves called jhallar at the outer edge of boarder, gold work, compost weaving, figures with small details,
mettalic visual effects, pallus, jal (a net like pattern) and mina work, to name a few.

With Subah-E-Banaras, we tried to replicate motifs that are popularly associated with Lucknow, our home city and Pune, our adopted city now.
These motifs stand true to the essence of these three cities, Lucknow, Pune and Banaras.

At Pakeeza, we envisioned a new way of weaving these motifs in Banaras.
After months of design, research and execution, we present to you these Pure Katan Silk Handloom Banarsi Duputtas, a beautiful collection apt for the festive season.

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