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Subah -E- Banaras - Pure Hand Loom Silk Creations
Rose Buta - Banarsi Kadhua Brocade Handwoven Katan Silk Dupatta

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Our Rose motif has been inspired by the deep routed importance of the rose flower back in the days of Nawabs of Lucknow.
Roses, were grown across the city as their fragrance was said to bring comfort to the Nawabs and were also used generously in awadhi cuisine and medicine.
Our Rose motif is an ode to the Nawabi culture of Lucknow and the era gone by.

This duputta, is made of Pure Mulbarry Silk warp and weft and features the Kadhua Brocade weaving technique. Kadhua is an exclusive technique of handloom weaving in Banaras region and cannot be imitated on power loom.
Kadhua is considered to be the epitome of handloom brocade weaving, which we used to create this rose motif.

Each buta or motif is woven individually with a hand shuttle, diligently, one line at a time by a master weaver. Weaving time for each duputta is usually in excess of 170 man hours, often significantly longer.

Banarasi Silk is revered for it's design, beauty, elegance and charm. Let your wardrobe be as luxurious as these genuine, hand woven Katan duputtas.

Product Details
Fabric : Banarsi Kadhua Brocade Handwoven Katan Silk
Color : Cream
Length : 2. 93 Meter
Width : 0.93 Meter
Wash Care : Dry Clean Only. Keep wrapped in soft white cotton cloth or brown paper.
Note : Color may vary depending on your screen setting.
Single Creation Only.

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