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Uns - Pure Georgette Collection

Uns انس

The urdu for Love
Nothing flatters more than love - pure love. Pakeeza presents the divine emotion in exclusivity.
Pure georgette embodied with finest Chikankari is a alluring narrative, actualised in all its tranquility.
We offer not just a premier apparel, but an elegant work of art, waiting to become a masterpiece on you.
लिबास यह महकेगा ज़िस्म-ऐ-सन्दल से मेरे,
कि बेइख़्तियार गुनाह उन्स का किए जा रही हूँ मैं
- मुग्धा वाघ

* सन्दल- sandalwood
* बेइख़्तियार - uncontrollable

Uns - a legacy to pass over generations.

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